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WIM Series Finale Courtois Lead

The condition gets worsened on the second day of racing in International Bedanne’s Cup, which is the final event of WIM (Women’s International Match Racing Series). But due to changes in condition skipper Pauline Courtois maintain the lead.

Yesterday had a beautiful sunshine, but today the weather brought rain, large wind shifts, big puffs which keep the team on toes throughout the whole day. But Pauline Courtois said that the weather was very shifty and puffy, but they still keep sailing fast and stay in the best pressure whenever they can.

Beginning Of Clipper Race 2018

On January 6th, 2018 the Clipper Race started. The first 24 hours were testing times as the upwind conditions had to be overcome. Also known as the Wondrous Whitsundays race, the race fleet of Clipper 2017-18 Round the World Yacht Race stayed close together. There was only a nautical mile difference between the boats in the first four positions and a total distance of less than 30 nautical miles that separated the eleven teams participating in the race.

The Sanya Serenity Coast boat was initially in the lead and the Australian skipper Wendy stated that the first 24 hours had been tested as they had to face headwinds. However, she stated that the right tactical decisions would help to overcome such conditions and to make the most of the headway they have gained. Behind them was the PSP Logistics boat crew led by Matt Mitchell as the skipper. He stated that they needed to stay prepared for a change in wind conditions. They expected strong headwinds to come up and those they were preparing their boats for tackling the same. Garmin was the only boat to opt for the Joker Card and they remained in the third position on Day 1. Dare to Lead was in the fourth position and Dale Smyth, the skipper stated that the crews were struggling to contain the boat and maintain position due to the wind conditions. With the initial 24 hours having been hard, the crew were feeling seasick and not being able to perform at their best.

Other boats such as Visit Seattle and Liverpool 2018 were in the fifth and sixth positions as well as others who were in the consecutive positions also battled the tough wind conditions initially which made it challenging for the crew members.

Hall Of Fame For National Sailing Inducts Eight Sailing Heros

On Sunday, September 24, the National Sailing Hall of Fame celebrated its seventh class of Inductees.

The ceremony of celebration was hosted by the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) at the magnificent Harbor Court clubhouse in Newport.

The background for the Induction would not have been better: a busy harbor of Newport on an early fall afternoon. The eight Inductees, which include three posthumous honorees, celebrated the kind of performance they have had on the sport. The National Sailing Hall of Fame is dedicated to protecting and preserving the tales of these sailing heroes to give an inspiration to the future generations, has now protected 65 heroes of the sport. (more…)

Ingham Happy To Contribute For Team BDA

Mustafa Ingham is really happy to be with Team BDA and to contribute in whatever way is possible to see the team achieve greater heights.

He said that the journey that the Team BDA has had at the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup in the Great Sound in Bermuda is just like a movie.

Ingham and the entire team of BDA have put up a very good show so far during the qualifying rounds and this has impressed one and all. The Team BDA is in the finals of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup and this is no mean feat. The past week has been very hectic for the team. They met a lot of fans and signed autographs. It is a dream come true for the members of Team BDA and they are looking to sign off with a happy ending.

Ingham said that everything looks and feels unreal and he cannot explain what he is going through. (more…)

Clipper Race Non Sailing Members

Those who are sailing enthusiasts have undoubtedly heard of the Clipper Race.

It is an infectious race whose enthusiasm often infects many sailors. For the 2017 race Jeremy Hilton is one of a family crew who are looking forward to making an adventure out of the race. Indeed, most people would say that, those who have taken part in the Clipper race would want to do it again or want to share their experience with others as it turns out to be an adventure of epic proportions for them.

Jeremy Hilton has been bitten by the racing bug after his daughter took part in this year’s edition and he greeted her when the fleet visited the Derry-Londonderry port. Jeremy knew then that he wanted to be part of the next edition. Jeremy has even opted to be part of the full circumnavigation experience in the forthcoming year. Like every other enthusiast who signs up for the race around the world, this race needs all participants to start off on their training courses. (more…)