Ingham Happy To Contribute For Team BDA

Mustafa Ingham is really happy to be with Team BDA and to contribute in whatever way is possible to see the team achieve greater heights.

He said that the journey that the Team BDA has had at the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup in the Great Sound in Bermuda is just like a movie.

Ingham and the entire team of BDA have put up a very good show so far during the qualifying rounds and this has impressed one and all. The Team BDA is in the finals of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup and this is no mean feat. The past week has been very hectic for the team. They met a lot of fans and signed autographs. It is a dream come true for the members of Team BDA and they are looking to sign off with a happy ending.

Ingham said that everything looks and feels unreal and he cannot explain what he is going through.

He is very happy with the response that he and his team members are getting from the public at large. He does not have to be in his team jersey when he is walking down on the street. Everyone now recognizes him and congratulate him for the good showing in Bermuda.

He knows that every Bermudian is behind them and want them to win. The Team BDA is aware that there are eight equally good teams for the finals and the team will put their best foot forward to delight the people of Bermuda. Ingham said that it was his grandmother who persuaded him to join Team BDA a couple of years ago. He is very happy to have taken the decision despite not knowing anything about sailing. Now, he has fallen in love with sailing and wants to take it as long as he can.