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Nespresso Youth International Match

One of the recently concluded sailing race events was Nespresso Youth International match that was held in Auckland from 16th to 19th of February 2017. Being one of the few events that have been scheduled in the early part of the year, this racing cup match event saw many promising young sailors compete from different parts of New Zealand as well as from other places.

For instance, the semi-finals saw Will Boulden pick on Will Eastman. Finally Boulden was able to secure a place for himself in the finals. The others who fought it out to be in the finals were Matt Hughes, who won against Malcolm Parker. (more…)

Soft Ride Of Sci-Fi Yacht

The raised profile of the Glider Super Sports suggests a cartoonist cum sci-fi approach towards the designing of the yacht. But the speed along with sea-keeping abilities in association with the same remains grounded in hydrodynamics. Former yacht captain, Rob McCall firstly came with the idea of building the Glider also known as Wave Dominator.

He assigned this name after piloting a high speed and jet propelled passenger catamaran in the Caribbean. With its twin wave-piercing hulls, the catamaran left each and every mono-hull vessel in its wake during rough passengers and finally provided a surprising stability in choppy conditions. (more…)

About The Clipper Race

For those who are new to knowing about Clipper world race, it is one of the biggest challenges in the world of sailing. It is also an endurance test like none other.

The race does not require any prior experience in sailing and includes covering 40000 nautical miles around the world for which you need a 70-foot yacht fit for ocean racing. If you have the spirit of adventure in you, all you need is to be fit physically and ready to take on the world through your sails. (more…)

McMillan hits podium at the Extreme Sailing Series

After two full-on physical days of racing at the Sydney Harbor, the next-to-the-last day was all about the points at Extreme Sailing Series Act 8, Sydney, Australia, presented by Land Rover. It was the final stop on the global tour this year.

With their end game in vision, Leigh McMillan, The Wave, Muscat and British helm, sailed today in defensive way. Very careful not to occupy with the other participants on the racetrack, time and again the fast watched as McMillan crossed the start line tactically, split from the fleet and made his own scopes to sail through the pack, to grab 6 podium finishes in 8 races.

The Wave, Muscat’s persistent but appropriated tactics puts the squad at the top of leader-board going into the last day on hundred and forty seven points – and a foot closer for McMillan to make history as the only captain to win 3 Extreme Sailing Series awards.

While Leigh played it safe and well, the fight heated up for the 2nd and 3rd, in both Sydney as well as on the overall Series leaderboard, as Denmark’s SAP Extreme Sailing Team and Austria’s Red Bull Sailing Team gunned for glory.

Snatching four podium finishes to their score, the Danes ended the day in 2nd spot with a 4 point gap to bridge to the top position. But the performance of the day went to the Red Bull team as they were the fastest team on the water as well as quickest off the start line.