The raised profile of the Glider Super Sports suggests a cartoonist cum sci-fi approach towards the designing of the yacht. But the speed along with sea-keeping abilities in association with the same remains grounded in hydrodynamics. Former yacht captain, Rob McCall firstly came with the idea of building the Glider also known as Wave Dominator.

He assigned this name after piloting a high speed and jet propelled passenger catamaran in the Caribbean. With its twin wave-piercing hulls, the catamaran left each and every mono-hull vessel in its wake during rough passengers and finally provided a surprising stability in choppy conditions.

Prior a decade, the concept of the Glider of McCall finally moved from theory to a proven 59-foot speedboat. It holds the ability to blast softly through seas that will leave other yachts at the dock. The hull forms are highly advanced than any other vessel on the water at present. Such forms and functions were engineered with processes similar to those used in the aerospace industry.

According to a study conducted by, the geometry of the yacht is designed in such a manner that the hulls can easily interact with the stability of the control system. The hull form, stability control along with propulsion actually tune to the sea conditions, hence allowing the boat to glide over the waves.

The construction of SS18 translates towards a soft and fast ride even in one of the roughest conditions. The yacht is powered by quadruple engines that drive water jets with a speed of 1,080 horsepower. The glide can be easily customized due to the inclusion of high and best technology.

The 17 foot wide cockpit incorporates custom Corbeau leather and Alcantara seats that are similar to the ones included in luxurious sports car and holds a color-coordinated interior along with chrome edging.